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Online Personal Training

Lonehill sports clinic

Your choice of an online strength, toning or weight loss program free for the first 2 weeks

Lonehill sports clinic

One month free online personal training and nutrition program to 5 people who share this post


Lonehill sports clinic

A summer challenge of sorts...will think of an appropriate idea

Lonehill sports clinic
Personal Training Services

Personal Training Services

Let our professional team of trainers help you achieve your goals by guiding you through the correct training and nutrition, whether you want that bikini body or achieve your sporting goals.

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

Join the growing trend and get all the benefits of a
personal trainer direct to your phone at a time
and place that suits you.

About the Lonehill Sports Clinic

Gym and personal training for your health and fitness Lonehill.


Reach your goals in a private and enjoyable environment.


Training sessions are personalised according to goals or requirements and includes strength management.


For Comrades training; Marathon Coaching; Sprint & Athletics Coaching; Online Running Coaching


All the benefits of personal training without the cost of one on one training


Functions within professional alliance to health and medicine, and is recognized by and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


Our heated indoor training pool is ideal for first-time swimmers.

Strength & weight management


The perfect solution to your fitness needs.

For superb Personal training


Professional 1 on 1 personal training.

Pilates Precision


Get Pilates right with the right equipment.

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Lonehill Sports Clinic

Welcome to the Lonehill  Sports Clinic. Our elite team of health care professionals invite you to experience the highest standards in patient care and service excellence at our sports medicine, rehabilitation and athletic performance centres. We have fully qualified medical staff and therapists providing a complete service capability to get you back on track quickly.

The Lonehill Sports Clinic staff will help you better understand your injury and the healing process. You will also learn ways to facilitate the healing process, manage your pain and swelling and learn how to strengthen the injured area without causing further damage.

This will enable you to return to activity as strong or stronger than you were before with a decreased risk of re-injury.


Biokineticist/Sports Scientist (Rehabilitation specialist, sports performance, sports massage)

    Exercise Specialist (Exercise science; sports massage; coaching)

      Sports Scientist (personal training; IRB rugby coaching; sports massage)